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We are located in Katakolo, a nice town of Pyrgos in Peloponnesus.

Our county is in the left side of Peloponnesus and in the middle between the ports of Patras and Kalamata. This is a great advantage cause you can go in less than one hour and half in either way. Sure this is not the only good thing of hour location, we got very close one of the longest beaches in Greece with crystal clear water and just a few kilometers from here are located the ancient town of Olympia's in which the original Olympic games were held between all the Greek athletes coming from all over Greece. Further right from there is located the mythical town and castle of Mycenae.

There are countless other great places to visit from here and all of those in just two hours range. But you have to have a good car to visit all those places! That's why we provide our renting services in the best prices and with great cars too! We always were providing the best and most sophisticated models.

Now we can take that service further, you are in our website, this means that you can see our models, check the availability, check the cost and finally book the car you have chosen! One more great thing that we can provide you is maps that can help you organize better your trip, we will pinpoint for you on the map the best spots with archeological interest or physical beauty that you have to visit with
our cars.

Greece has so many places to visit and especially Peloponnesus. It would be shame to spend all of your vacation time in just one place! We thank you for spending time to read our post, we welcome you to our site and we wish you a great experience!

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