We are located in Katakolo of Ilia, which is a picturesque tourist port in the Peloponnese!
As you can see on the map, our prefecture with Pyrgos as its capital, is located on the left side of the Peloponnese and at an intermediate distance between the ports of Patras and Kalamata. This is a great advantage, because in an hour and a half you can reach the northern or southern part of the Peloponnese! Of course, this is not the only good thing. Very close to Katakolo are some of the largest beaches in Greece with the crystal clear waters of the Ionian!

A few kilometers east of here is the ancient city of Olympia. A place where the first Olympic Games were organized among all the ancient Greek world with athletes from all over Greece and its colonies. Further east is the mythical city and castle of Mycenae. There are countless other beautiful places that our customers visit from here using our cars.

We provide our services at the best prices and with the best cars! So with the operation of our website we give you a new feature, you can notify us via email and book the ideal car for you on the date you need it! Thus, by booking you ensure that you will find the vehicle you want without worrying if there will be cars available. We are also ready to inform you with maps for excursions that you can make and will be unforgettable.

Greece has so many places to visit and especially the Peloponnese. It would be a shame to spend all your vacation time on a beach or a simple spot! Thank you for taking the time to read this text. We welcome you to our area and wish you a unique experience!


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