1. AGE REQUIREMENT: Credit Card holders minimum age 23, for cash renters minimum age 25.

2. DRIVER’S LICENCE: A valid driving licence held for at least two years is required.

3. RENTAL TIME-KILOMETERS: Minimum one day (24hours), 100kms, extra= 0.25 € per km. If for some reason, delivery is not made at our office but a distance of less than 50 kms a charge of 0.30 € per km will be made. If the distance is longer than 50 kms a charge of 0.45 € per km will be made.

4. TRAFFIC FINES: Tickets and attaches administrative penalties resulting from any breaking of the Greek Traffic Code during rental period burden the hirer.

5. METHOD OF PAYMENT: Payment in advance of 100% of the estimated rental period. The final arrangement takes place when the rental period is finished.

6. DEPOSIT: A period of 80% of the whole rental is paid in advance for the vehicle and is returned at the end of the rental period.

7. TAXES: All rates are subjected to 24% V.A.T.

8. SHIPPING OF CARS: It is only allowed if ‘DIAS’ approves in writing.

9. UNLEADED PETROL: Should be paid by the client.

10. The car is delivered CLEAN and is received CLEAN. If the hirer doesn’t return the car CLEAN he will be charged with the cleaning expenses. The car is only to be used on asphalt roads. Use of the car on dirty or gravel roads is strictly forbidden.

11. Vehicle is to be operated only by the renter or any additional renter having read and signed the rental agreement.

12. Having pets in the car is forbidden.

13. With my return, I am also obliged to inform the company that with whole the responsibility and the obligation, I didn’t commit any injustice (for example illegal parking, breaking of the Greek Traffic Code, etc) during the rental period.

Insurance policy coverage

Civic responsibility towards third persons for physical damage to the amount of 500.000,00  and material damage towards third persons to the amount of 100.000,00 €.

1. Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.):

The renter car can obtain full insurance protection by purchasing Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.) at:

  • 7,50 € per day for groups A, B, C
  • 9,00 € per day for group D
  • 12,00 € per day for groups E, F

Provided that he drives according to the rules of the Greek Driving Code.

The car renter is also burdened with the car’s transportation to our workshop and the cost of the days that it will take for its repair. Without C.D.W. renter’s responsibility for Collision is 12.000 € for groups A, B, C, 15.000 € for group D and 25.000 € for groups E, F. Yet the same damages are covered of the vehicle, except for the first 250 € which is the client’s responsibility.

Insurance for the driver and each passenger:

  • Death: 15.000 €
  • Partial – Total disability 15.000 €
  • Fire – Theft in proportion to the car’s worth
  • Covering by uninsured vehicle
  • Lawful protection
  • Breaking of the glasses: 1500 €

No insurance provides cover for the disaster of the tyres, the wheels and damages in the inner and under part of the vehicle.

2. The client is further obliged to protect the interests of the rental agency and the insurance company which provided cover.

In the event of the accident the client is obliged:

  1. To report the incident to the rental office
  2. To report the incident to the traffic police
  3. Not to admit culpability of guilt.
  4. To take the details (name, address etc.) of any witnesses who were present.

The client is obliged to take every precaution in order to avoid the danger of theft or fire. Any modification of the above conditions must be made in writing in the car rental agency office.

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